Standard Line - EMO is a modern, Energy-efficient Installation System of window and door joinery. This system meets the European norms regarding energy-efficiency due to Thermo-PROFILE and Thermo-WINDOWSILL application.
Made of PCV filled with rigid polyurethane foam and a seal together with its specially shaped profile enables proper and tight installation.
Thermo-WINDOWSILL fulfills a function of thermal insulation and is an excellent complement to STROPEX EMO Systems. It perfectly serves in energy-efficient and passive construction.
Thermo-PROFILE with a possible transport function is a modern, advanced product and a part of every STROPEX EMO System.
Thermo-PANEL fulfills the thermal insulation and window’s circumferential seal functions. The whole window’s statics has been considerably improved by the increased window frame’s stiffness created by its mechanical connection to the Thermo-PANEL.
Thermo-BEAM fulfills a function of extension of installed concealed blinds and windows. Its structure ensures tightness and stiffness of joint.
Thermo-FRAME is an element that fulfills the function of thermal insulation and enables window’s floating installation.Thermo-FRAME is a main element of STROPEX EMO frame system.

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more light

Let the light enter your interior. People feel safe and comfortable in well-lighted, bright rooms – the natural light has an excellent influence not only on our health and well-being, but also on the interior design.

By beautifully reflecting the white colour and generally by colours warming, the sunlight optically enlarges the space and adds a gloss.

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